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Leadership and Management Assessment

We provide examinations for promotional and command staff hiring purposes. These exams are typically non-medical in nature, and may be performed prior to a conditional offer of employment (COE) on a group of finalists (generally two to four). We also can offer these at the post-conditional offer stage on one candidate for training and feedback opportunity, which would then also include medical information. While these exams share some features with our pre-employment exams, we assume that the candidates are psychologically and vocationally qualified. Therefore, these exams focus on the candidate’s ability to lead others and manage effectively.

Some of the characteristics and abilities assessed are as follows:

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Social skills and social judgment

  • Management style

  • Creativity and organizational vision

  • Stress tolerance

  • Work orientation

  • Customer service orientation

  • Ethics and Integrity

After each assessment, a narrative report is generated. This narrative is based on testing and interview results related to the above noted characteristics and abilities, and are discussed within seven domains in the narrative report. These domains include: Supervisory and Leadership Style, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Problem-Solving and Judgment, Service Orientation, Values Orientations, Innovation and Vision, and Personality and Self-Assessment. These domains are deemed essential characteristics required for a leadership and management position. Many departments also use information in the report as a staff development tool during initial transition into the appointed supervisory position.​

Most agencies choose to have a verbal report via conference call with relevant members of the City/Department following the receipt of the written narrative reports in order to have a more substantial feedback call pertaining to the evaluation of each candidate in the promotional process. 

Leadership and Management Assessment: Project
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