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Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

A Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation is a specialized examination to determine whether a public safety candidate meets the requirements for psychological suitability mandated by jurisdictional statutes and regulations, as well as any  other  psychologically relevant criteria established by the hiring agency. This definition comes directly from the Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation Guidelines, which were created by the Police Psychological Services Section Police Psychological Services Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Our process for Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations of public safety candidates has roots in evaluation methods that have been carefully developed and refined over the past 30 years. The process addresses an applicant’s suitability for the position using multiple methodologies validated specifically for use with law enforcement and public safety personnel, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and defensibility of the evaluation. The methods involved and criteria for making a recommendation include:

• Psychological personality testing
• Psychological testing for psychopathology
• Tests of basic reasoning ability
• Tests of writing ability
• Review of biodata from our written questionnaire 
• Review of background information that is made available by agencies
• Semi-structured forensic interview 

The result of the evaluation is a suitability finding delivered in a detailed report designed to meet the needs of your agency and to conform to legal standards. We will work with your agency to deliver a recommendation that is consistent with your needs and welcome feedback from our client agencies.

Our customizable Pre-Employment Psychological Services can include:

• Web-Based Testing
• Pre and Post-Offer Screening
• Same Day Results
• One-Hour Clinical Interview
• Personalized Reports
• Off-site Testing and Remote Interviewing Capabilities

Pre-employment Screening: Research
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